The force measure against arteries is High Blood Pressure or Hypertension.

Most people who ignore high blood pressure, over the time blood pressure that is too high lead to serious problems with your heart, kidneys, brain, and eyes.

Normal Blood Pressure is 120/80.

If the reading goes 140/90 above, then it can be considered as a hypertensive.

Between 120 and 140 is a pre-hypertensive stage. You can controlled by natural measures like proper diet, exercise, quitting smoking, better sleep, and avoiding calcium.

How to know you have high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is also known as the silent killer because it has no symptoms.

Other than this there are certain symptoms that are believed which tells that may the person have high blood pressure.

These include headache, nose bleeding, dizziness, and fatigue.

Although people with high blood pressure may have many of those symptoms which occur just as in those with normal blood pressure.

The symptom listed above are just an assumption.

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