so one of the mostly asked question is can we really get rid of spectacles? Well to find out the answer I did some research, I read ancient books and have also conversation with modern medical doctors to understand both the perspective. While modern medical doctors offer no solution other than surgery on the other hand Ayurveda offers a set of simple practices through which thousands of people have already recover their lost vision.

STEP 1 – Early in the morning after wake up I believe that majority of us do splash of water on eyes. However, while treating serious medical condition like loss vision it is important to take your eye wash routine to the next level to accomplish that first fill your mouth with water this expand the eyes muscles properly now splash the cold water on the eyes for a few times this will give an instant cooling effect to the eyes. You can feel it. So now your eyes are awaken and cool rose water wash is the next thing to do. You need to buy one eye wash cup easily available in Optical and Ayurvedic shops. put about 15 drops of pure rose water along with cold water in it now place it firmly on any one eye first ensure that water does not spill out from the side. Open your eye and move the pupil around and let the rose water touch the eye surface move your pupil in all direction so that the water gets circulated properly inside the eye spend about 1 minute doing it. Now through this water away and refill the cup in the same way with fresh water and rose water place it in the same way on the other eye and follow the procedure for 1 minute again. Now this complete your eye wash routine in the morning. This itself is the tremendously helpful to calm down any inflammation which is one of the root causes of weakening of eyesight.

STEP 2 – Drinking the powerful home made tonic that will directly nourish the nerve cells of the eyes helping to restore the lost vision. Take 7 soaked and peeled almonds not the regular California almonds but the gurbandi almonds. Gurbandi almonds are small sized almonds and richer in vitamin A, E and other nutrients helpful for eyes along with this you will need 4 seeds of whole black pepper sweeten with the bit of thread mishri. Put all the 3 in a motor and using a pestle crush them together to form a sweet paste. Now take a pan on low flame and put one glass(250 ml) of milk in it. Add the paste in it now let the milk boiled for 10 minutes from low flame. After 10 minutes turn off the gas and pour it in a glass do not strain out the mixture drink this powerful tonic slowly sip by sip let it nourish the eyes cells. Now to get the maximum benefit do not eat anything for the next one hour. after that you can have your regular breakfast.

Working in office it is extremely important that you take care of your eyes. If it’s your job to sit in front of the computer screens and work we can’t ignore that even though this ayurvedic routine will surely revive back your eyesight but a few measures taken can really speed up the recovery by 2X. Take break after every 45 minutes and close your eyes for a while and sip some water before you get back to work at times you should also rub your palms together and place it over the eyes. whenever free press some accu pressure points, move your pupils around then every time you go to the washroom be sure to wash your eyes after filling mouth with water. Did you know that people wearing spectacles has increase 4 times since last 10 years and the reason found out to be is excessive exposure to computer and mobile phones screen because they make the eyes extremely dry this is where the small techniques come to the rescue. How much time you really need to look into the screens and how much time you are just compulsively looking at them is a choice that you have to make.


. Blink more often as it prevents drying of eyes.

. Sleep in dark room avoid dim lights.

. Protect your eyes from heat wear sunglasses.

. Consume one amla a day it is excellent for eyes.

. Use screen guard, protect your eyes.

. Eat eye strengthening foods like carrot, ghee, green gram whole.

. Practice sarvaang asana as it increase blood circulation.

STEP 3 – So now 30 minutes before going to sleep at night you have to take one teaspoon of ghee with warm water.

STEP 4 – Just before sleeping take a few drops of ghee on your hands and massage the sole of your feet. The nerve beneath the soles are directly connected to the optic nerves this instantly increase your blood circulation which helps in improving the eye vision.



By Salman

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