Back Pain is a very common problem that many people are experiencing and exercising/stretching is the best solution to deal with it.

Hamstring Stretch- First lay on a plain surface with your back and your right leg bent and then gradually grab the hand behind your left knee and pull your left leg into a stretched position.

Hold for 20 Sec.

So, let’s  first stretch your first leg as much as possible.

Now bend your knee slightly as you pull your leg back if the position of exercise If it is right you will feel the strong stretch on the back of thigh and calves when you pull back your toes.

Now do this same thing for the right leg.

In order to stretch the Hamstring muscles and your lower back muscles it’s going to be a hamstring stretch position like one leg straight and one won’t keep it to go forward till eight breaths to the side and eight breathes to other.

How to target the hamstring muscle a lot more.

Pullup your chest up, keep your back straight and your lower back and then slightly reach down.

Once again side-side 20 sec hold on a breathe do the same with other leg, and squeeze the other side.

Do the same 10-15 reps on each side.

If you have any stretching/exercises problem I do not recommend you to do this without consultation of your doctor if you have any lower back problems.

To stretch your general lower back

So bring your two knees and hold it to chest for eight breathes or 20 sec.  Do the same with other side.

Then provide aa different angle so to the middle of the chest and the other angle of the chest then breathes eight long breathes.

Do the other side as well.

By Salman

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