Tremors or Shakiness is one and the same thing. Shakiness in teenagers is now becoming most common mostly shakiness of hands. It is found to be that shakiness of hands is due to anxiety, depression and some other factors.

The major thing to know about tremors is that it is not Parkinson’s disease but many teenagers after searching it out termed it as Parkinson’s disease as this disease is in first search list as you type the word tremors.

So, in this blog we will know about tremors. In many cases the person who experience the shakiness is when he/she is in some state where he/she is in anxiety.

Anxiety is referred as a person in fear or what outcome will be in simple words.

Mostly these tremors are seen in people who are above the age of 45 but we are seeing in teenagers or adult because of the life cycle that they are living in.

As we all are aware of the quarantine and the digitalizing of studies due to the pandemic the teenagers are spending their more time on their smartphones which is not at all right.

Excess of anything is bad for health the same thing applied here so it is more important to correct your cycle the way of living.

In the above text we discuss what is tremors and why did they happen but is there any solution to it?

Yes, there is a solution to it and it is with your doctor so the doctor will prescribe you and you can easily cure it also the one thing which can be responsible is deficiency of some nutrients and minerals in body.

By Salman

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